Artist Statement

For over the past twenty years I have created photographs shot on multiple sheets/rolls of film with a multi-faceted meaning and purpose.

My images study mankind’s relationship towards our place on earth. My landscape images highlight environmental issues and the deterioration of our environment. While my portraits and other subjects explore our fragmented sense of self. These advocate uses of photography illustrate the social and ecological impacts of natural disasters, climate change and our everyday human interactions in fine art photographs. By my exploration of split imagery and the visual erosion of nature, memory and self become analogous to the erosive effects natural phenomena have on our landscape and our psyche. The images create a venue for social commentary on the landscape recovery aspects hampered by a lack of funding, and the population’s “collective” memory. Additionally, the images highlight the use of photographic film which is fading from common usage, as well as an intentional use of graphic design.

Through my intentional use of graphic design in photography my imagery illuminates how we construct memories and how the content obscures into something we never actually experienced. I present multiple windows of a singular event, a “collective” memory made tangible. The images when successful address the intuitive appreciation of the transient beauty in the physical world, particularly that which we have romanticized in our minds and memory. The strips of film and strands of memory become one-in-the-same. I experience and re-tell the story, simultaneously within my camera exposures.